How To Choose A Good Wine Online?


Red, white, sparkling and rose - it flows with joy and cheer, adding zest to a celebration. Yes! Wine is now synonymous with partying, and a cool way to express and share happiness with


Considered worldwide a classy drink which enhances your status symbol, wine is becoming increasingly popular in most countries. Many first-time drinkers wish to start with wine as it is considered subtle and elegant. What defines wine is its diversity. Segmented by color, wine of every place has a distinct aroma, taste, aftertaste and effect.

With social and financial dynamics changing, now, more and more families are being introduced

to the finesse of wines, whether it is to buy luxury wine online for themselves or to send wine as

a gift. While European countries continue to top the list of wine drinkers, those in other continents—including developing countries like India—are catching up.

If one talks about production, Italy, France and Spain continue to dominate wine making. They

are followed by US, Australia and New Zealand, which have created an impressive market for

their products. Among the new entrants, Chile and Argentina are inching close along with China

and South Africa also on the way to making a mark in the wine industry.

Exotic Choice

It is no surprise then for a wine lover to try wines from different regions of the world, visiting those exotic places would be the best option. But in the current situation international travel is

not that easy. The answer is, fortunately, easy. Many online portals make it possible for you to

complete the wine delivery process in just a few minutes. To make a loved one feel special, the

choices are many. You can get wine gift sets delivered or order fine wine gift baskets from any

part of the world sitting in your home.

People often wonder if it is okay to buy wine online. Wine is not like any other consumer

product and as a special gift special care is required to choose such an item. But there indeed are a few challenges in buying wine online. The foremost challenge is getting to the right portal. It is always better to choose a website that has multiple merchants depending on range and location.

Finding the right one for your need without compromising on quality is crucial, especially in

items that are to be consumed. Select a website that is credible and gives you information about itself. It should have a contact number or address to send feedback as part of customer care. It should also indicate that it verifies its sellers so that you can trust them.

After your selection of the product is complete, it is time to check the safety of the bottle till it is

delivered into the hands of the end consumer intact. The packaging should encase the fragile

glass in such a way that it can withstand any harsh commute, sometimes, across countries. Your precious wine should be free from seepage or leakage and the cork or cap coming loose.

Shipping Wine As A Gift 

Besides, sending a bottle of alcohol as a gift needs special care, as wine gifts delivery needs to be handled with care. It needs to be transported in temperature-controlled packaging as extreme temperatures can affect its quality. A good portal will categorically mention all of these things when you order to send a bottle of alcohol as a gift.

Selecting a good bottle of wine is not easy and very often, a task in itself. Before selecting your

product, you could try and narrow down your choices to a variety based on colour, country of

origin, what food it would go with or what occasion it is for. This will help prevent being

overwhelmed by the immense variety of wines available online.

Especially, when sending wine as a gift, it is not only about the product but also about your

emotions. One can also go by the reviews, description on the site and some research on your

own. That should work to help you select a good bottle of wine.

Red or White?

A never-ending debate is whether drinking white wine is better than red wine. Very simply

explained, red wine is made from red and black grapes, while white wine is made of white

grapes. Not only the color of grapes but the process of making it also different. To make red

wine, grapes are crushed and fermented for weeks in barrels. For white wine, the skin and seeds of white grapes are removed and mixed with yeast. They are then aged in steel vats for


Both red and white wines have proven health benefits. Red wine, however, has more powerful

antioxidants which may protect blood vessels and decrease bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol. Red wine has more polyphenols that improve digestion and fight premature ageing. However, white wine has slightly lower calories than red wine per glass.

The health benefits of wine should be examined based on individual immunity, underlying health

conditions and family history of diseases. The effect of alcohol on each person is different and so is their reaction to it.

Friends often ask if buying wine online is cheaper than buying in store. With every product and

service available online to be delivered straight to your home or wherever you want it, there is no reason why wine should not be on that list. The cost of any product online goes down significantly because a portal does not have to pay rent for a fancy store and overheads, that cuts down substantially on costs for them.

Besides, websites will buy wines or any product directly from the seller and not through a retailer. That benefit will be passed on to the consumer in terms of lower prices. That said, the

variety of wines available online will be much wider because there is no lack of space and no

shelves are over stacked!

Which is The Best?

Talking about quality, one may ask what makes a $40 bottle of wine better than a $20 bottle?

One would not dispute that wine can be expensive—the finest wines from French vineyards or

Napa Valley can cost thousands of dollars per bottle.

So, let us ask that universal question once again: What is the best wine in the world?

Wine is judged on the quality of grapes, the manufacturing aging process, what barrels it is kept

in and for how long. For the finest wines, grapes are plucked by hand, leading to high labor cost. Grapes from rare, marquee vineyards will cost more. The results will be tangible in terms of taste and finesse. What further adds to the cost is bottling and transportation. Because wine is an indulgence, it is a gift for which the price tag does not matter.

Can you send wine in the mail?

Sending wine or any alcohol product in mail is not allowed in US. Federal regulations and State Laws do not allow shipment of alcohol products through USPS or UPS. The best way of sending wine by mail in US would be to choose an online wine retailer or a wine gift portal that can deliver wine as a gift to your loved ones or as corporate gifts.

How to send wine internationally?

Sending wine overseas is restricted through global trade laws. The only way to send wine or alcoholic products internationally would be through local players in those specific countries. delivers wine gifts in USA, UK, Australia and Canada. All you have to do is to place an order and we take care of the rest.


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